Peace comes from within, everything flows from there.
Monthly Dru Meditation Classes in Leeds

Saturday morning monthly 2 hour Yoga and Meditation class

Get £5 off your first class - use the code 5OFF when you book!

Venue: Adel Quaker meeting House, New Adel Lane, Leeds LS16 6AZ

Saturdays 10am -12 noon

Suitable for all levels, beginners welcome.

Upcoming Dates

2022 dates: (click on date to book)

19th November /17th December

2023 dates: (click on date to book)
14th January / 11th February / 11th March / 22nd April / 20th May / 17th June /
15th July


£19.50 in advance, £23 on the door

Or save by purchasing a class pack of 4 classes for £64 here
Once purchased, classes can be booked at any point within 12 months.

What to bring:
Yoga mat if you have one but I have some spare. Wear comfortable clothes and you will be in bare feet or socks. Bring a cushion and blanket for relaxation if you like. You may also wish to bring a small bottle of water. Some people like to wear a shawl for meditation.

Structure of the class

Classes are fun, friendly, and welcoming; we aim to put you at your ease! Monthly meditation classes are two hours long and generally have the following format:

  • Short inspirational introduction
  • Warm ups and gentle yoga
  • Relaxation
  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation techniques done sitting on a chair or on the floor depending on your preference.
  • Silence and often an inspirational reading

(You then float home!)

It doesn't matter if you practice on a chair or cross legged on the floor, you will learn practical ways to still the body, quieten the mind and find a sense of inner peace.

What is unique about Dru Meditation?
Dru Meditation takes the practice of Dru Yoga further, in order to provide a practical path to inner peace and stillness.
If you're feeling agitated, Dru Meditation brings calmness, if you're feeling exhausted, it brings energy, if you're feeling anxious, it brings peace; deep healing properties that only yoga and meditation can bring.

About Meditation
Meditation is the perfect balance between relaxation an alertness. It doesn't matter if you practice meditation while sitting cross legged on the floor or in a chair. It is all about stilling the body and quietening the mind.

Practical and Accessible

Dru Meditation, like many other forms of meditation, starts with gentle awareness of the body and breath, but what makes Dru Meditation so special is that it is practical and accessible.

Exploring Meditation Techniques
In a Dru Meditation class you will practice yoga, relaxation and breathing techniques which lead you naturally into a meditative state. We then explore a variety of meditation techniques which means you can find a technique that best suits you.

You do not have to empty your mind to benefit from meditation, just enjoy the journey with a sense of acceptance.

Enhance your Dru Yoga Practice

Dru Meditation enhances the benefits of Dru Yoga and helps you gain mastery over your mind and emotions. It allows you to move more deeply into the precious peace, fullness, calm and clarity that resides within you and empowers you to live from that place.

We hold Dru Meditation classes in North Leeds, based in Adel.
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