Traditionally, yoga was shared between one student and one teacher, building a trusting relationship for the benefit of both. It also encourages a completely unique understanding of yoga, in a bespoke session that is tailored to you.

One to One sessions -

I offer relaxing Dru yoga one to one bespoke sessions, so that you can experience the life-changing effects of yoga for yourself. It doesn't matter where you are in the UK, we can provide bespoke yoga tuition in person in Otley near Leeds, or via zoom video anywhere in the UK.

The study of Dru yoga and meditation are truly transformational. I found this out for myself, as they enabled me to recover from anxiety, and low self-esteem, in addition to helping me feel fit and vital at fifty and stand in my power and joy. The benefits of meditation for stress relief are unparalleled, and Dru yoga combined with meditation allows for a relaxing yet powerful bespoke experience.

I can offer the same opportunity to you; to relax and live life on your terms, stress free through a unique understanding of traditional meditation and healthful Dru yoga. I have gained a wealth of unique life experience, as well as knowledge gained through many years of spiritual study, yoga and meditation practice, and developmental work on myself.

This is available in Otley near Leeds or through zoom video anywhere in the UK.

You will be offered a free initial phone consultation, which can be up to an hour. This will enable me to understand if a bespoke Dru yoga session is right for you. If I don't believe I can help you, I will be honest and let you know!

Benefits of bespoke one to one yoga:
Less stress
Reduction of back pain / aches and pains
Improved sleep
Reduced anxiety
Increased self esteem and improved relationships
Feeling happier with a more positive outlook on life

Well-being and balance in body and mind,
A calmer clearer mind / more decisive

If you feel like you would like to make that change in your life why not get in touch?
All bespoke yoga and meditation sessions in Otley, near Leeds and are held at a time to suit. They can be in person or via zoom and include a free initial phone consultation.

One to one sessions
One and a half hour bespoke session - with video reminder to use at home
I would love to hear from you to discuss your bespoke yoga and meditation session. Please
get in touch today!

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